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This is where I dump links and other sites I follow on Neocities. Cool, eh?

If you'd like to link to me (for whatever reason) here's two buttons. Pick whichever fits your aesthetic better.

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Sites I thought were cool

Tools I use

MarkText - I really should use something like Typora instead, but this is free. Unfortunately it also hasn't been updated in quite a while. HAHAHAHA DISREGARD THIS PROGRAM CHECK THE ONE BELOW INSTEAD

Ghostwriter - The new endgame of Markdown word processors for me. Not an Electron app!

VSCodium - De-Microsoftified Visual Studio Code. In the past I used regular VS Code, Atom, NFOpad, and Notepad++ as primary text editors.

paint.net - An image editor. It's like MS Paint, but with layers at the cost of the spray can tool!

Krita - Free and open source painting program. Useful if you can't hork up the cash for Clip Studio Paint and don't want to use Medibang.

pinga, GUI image optimizer (PNG/JPG) - WINDOWS ONLY. Image optimizer that I use for keeping site image sizes down.

Markdown to HTML converter - Turns my Markdown into HTML I can edit in the Neocities editor or VSCodium later.

Sites I browse a lot

Doomworld - It's fun to look through the Cacowards for stuff to play in Doom.

Fun Stuff

Touhou Tier List Creator - Now you too can rank your favorite Touhou characters by how likely they are to punch drywall! Or you can rank them by other conventional methods...

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